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FreeArc+InnoSetup support

Recently, FreeArc becomes very popular for making installers of multi-gigabyte programs. It's the only archiver that support dictionaries up to 2gb, that makes its archives smaller than ones made by 7-zip or any other archiver. We provide this package in order to help authors of those installers.

It includes unarc.dll for decompression of FreeArc archives inside InnoSetup installers, and two example installer scripts using this dll - basic and extended. You will find detailed instructions in the sample scripts. Ask questions about script usage in the forum.

If you are using FreeArc archives in your installers - please add there link to FreeArc site in order to promote FreeArc.

Version 4.0 ext by Shegorat, 15-10-2010
  • Added support of encrypted archives
  • Added more detailed description for all errors
  • Added new language - German
Version 2.6 ext by Shegorat, 04-07-2010
  • Fixed a hung application problem
  • Fixed finction AnsiToUtf8
  • Fixed some errors
  • Improved Archives string decode function
Version 2.5 ext by Shegorat, 19-05-2010
  • Added a check to unpack archives only once
  • Fixed some errors
  • Changed archive status string
  • Added script with ISPrecomp (now not supported)
  • Updated unarc.dll
Version 2.4 ext by Shegorat, 20-04-2010
  • Fixed unpack, if archives from one disk go in several disks (example DVD9 => 2xDVD5)
  • Fixed a general progressbar, it doesn't get reset when a new disk inserted
  • Fixed remains time string, now time not qual 0
  • The algorithm of counting unpacked files was rewritten, so it doesn't get reset when a new disk is inserted
  • Total number of unpacked files doesn't get reset when a new disk is inserted
  • Minor tweaks
Version 2.3 ext by Shegorat, 28-01-2010
  • Fixed unpack, if archives from several disks go in one dsik
  • Fixed unpack with components
Version 2.2 ext by Shegorat, 26-01-2010
  • Added inquire of 2nd and next disks
  • Added unpack in different folders
  • Archives can be added via #define Archives
  • Script based on FreeArc_Example-Ext v.3.5.iss

Version 3.5, 21-12-2009
Version 3.4, 18-11-2009
Version 3.3, 13-09-2009
Version 3.2, 31-07-2009
Version 3.1, 29-07-2009
Version 3.0, 29-07-2009

Version 2.2, 12-07-2009
Version 2.1, 10-07-2009
Version 2.0, 08-07-2009

Version 1.2, 01-07-2009
Version 1.1, 15-06-2009, previous
Version 1.0, 13-06-2009, previous