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FreeArc — future plans

Tracker: planned improvements by version

Version 0.70 (December 2011)

  • full support for zip, rar, 7z and other archive formats

Version 0.75

  • LZMA with 1GB dictionary
  • SREP compression algorithm

Version 0.80

  • multi-volume

Version 0.90

  • make documentation up-to-date
  • solve problems with -ap, empty directories
  • improve archive recovery, to make it no worse than in RAR
  • keep compression options inside the archive
  • solve problems with Cancel

Version 1.0 - Release!

  • full-featured and handy GUI
  • GUI documentation
  • bsc and dispack compression algorithms

Version 2.0

  • SFX-Installer module conigurable like in RAR/7-zip
  • backup support (save file times/attributes/ACLs)
  • support for archives containing millions of files
  • LZMA2 with 1gb dictionary
  • recovery volumes
  • Reed-Solomon codes for data recovery
  • Release freearc.dll and unarc.dll to support .arc in other archivers
  • Support compression algorithms with several output streams
  • files segmentation with further compression with lzma / ppmd / multimedia algorithms
  • compression algorithm for bmp/tif files
  • change archive format, in particular spread recovery record over the entire archive

Last updated March 24, 2011