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Why FreeArc compress better than rar/7-zip:

  • it includes lzma, ppmd and multimedia compression algoritms with smart selection of best algorithm for every file compressed based on data analysis
  • filters further improve compression: rep (finds repetitions at the distances up to 1gb), dict (dictionary replacements for texts), delta (improves compression of tables in binary data), bcj (executable preproccesor) and lzp (removes repetitions in texts)
  • in maximum compression mode compression algorithms are applied to data sequentially, saving intermediate data to disk that allows every algorithm in chain to use all the computer memory
  • if built-in compression algorithms are not enough for you, it's easy to use any external filters and compressors, with precofigured support for Precomp, ECM, RZM, CCM(x), PPMonstr, Durilca, LPAQ, UDA and PAQ
  • smart file sorting groups similar files and multiple versions of the same file together

Why it compress faster:

  • text files are automatically compressed with ppmd algorithm that's faster than lzma
  • lzma speed improved by using new matchfinder ht4
  • rep, dict and lzp filters reduce amount of data actually compressed
  • fast compression modes (-m1/m2) use special compression algorithms - tornado and grzip that significantly outperform zip by speed and compression
  • I/O is overlapped with compression and input data are read into large buffer, so disk operation delays don't adversely affect compression times

As net result, FreeArc provides the same compression ratio as zip/bzip2/rar/7-zip (in different modes) while being 1.5–3x faster, and in maximum compression mode it compress 2-10% better than 7-zip while providing the same speed. Make sure of this yourself by looking at test results or by performing your own benchmarks.